Extruder solution for the recycling sector

Leistritz ZSE MAXX extruder for SYSPLAST

In order to produce specified regranulates that meet specifications, it is essential to have the appropriate technology. Read here to find out what extruder solution we had in store for recycling specialist Sysplast.

Responsible use of resources includes recycling plastic products at the end of their life cycle. There are many possibilities here, ranging from upcycling to mechanical or feedstock recycling to thermal recycling. Recycling or circular economy is an omnipresent topic, driven above all by the high relevance of resource conservation, climate protection and ultimately also political pressure. For plastics processors and manufacturers of plastic goods, this means that they have to make their production more sustainable and increase the recycled content in their products.

Example of a recycling plant

Recycling expert uses Leistritz technology

The automotive, electrical and electronics industries, the packaging industry or medical technology are just some of the areas in which regranulates from SYSPLAST Regranulate und Compounds GmbH & Co. KG find their renewed use. The recycling expert based in Nuremberg offers its customers an ecological and economical alternative to the use of virgin material. They recycle unmixed rejects or used plastics, process them into regrind and assemble them into a tailor-made compound for their customers.

The sophisticated machine technology was the decisive factor for me to choose an extrusion line from Leistritz. I very much appreciated the process engineering advice and support I received from the team.

Udo Dobberke

Managing Director SYSPLAST Regranulate & Compounds

Guido Kraschewski (Leistritz) and Udo Dobberke (Sysplast)

Regranulate in virgin material quality

To increase its annual production capacity of ABS regranulates, the company has been using a Leistritz extrusion line with a ZSE 60 MAXX for some time. "We are convinced by the machine technology," says SYSPLAST Managing Director Udo Dobberke. "But above all, I appreciate the process engineering advice and support I received from the Leistritz team." Prior to the purchase, trials were run in Leistritz's in-house technical center which allowed the conceptual design of the plant to be optimized.

"In terms of quality, our recompounds are in no way inferior to virgin material," says Udo Dobberke. The recompounds are made from unmixed and/or reprocessed plastics. However, not only ABS is to be run on the line; also other engineering plastics such as PC/ABS, polyamides or even polyolefins are to be processed.

Technically convincing

"In order to obtain recyclate in virgin material quality, the plant technology plays a special role," knows Guido Kraschewski, Regional Sales Manager at Leistritz. "Our ZSE MAXX extruders can be used for a wide range of processing tasks. They are particularly suitable for process tasks in the field of recyclate preparation or processing." They combine a very high specific torque of up to 15 cm³ with a large volume. Due to the OD/ID ratio specific to Leistritz extruders (the ratio between the outer and inner diameter of the screw) of 1.66, the material can be processed very gently and at low energy consumption with a large process window. At the same time, sufficient torque reserves ensure the highest possible productivity. The extruder speed must be in harmony with the screw geometry used and the output to guarantee the lowest possible mechanical degradation of the polymer.

"Particularly in the recycling sector, the relationship between quantity and quality must be right," says Guido Kraschewski. Due to the larger volume in the extruder, the recycling material is not subjected to as much stress at the same speed. This results in better mechanical values, which - depending on the quality of the starting material - may also allow the recipe to be adjusted in terms of cost.

Example of a ZSE 60 MAXX twin screw extruder

Recycling Track Record

Leistritz is one of the leading manufacturers of twin screw extruders and an established system supplier. For a long time, the company has also been dedicated to the topic of plastics recycling. Guido Kraschewski: "For this sector, we develop turnkey plants together with our customers. There is nothing off the shelf for us." Every circumstance, every material, every initial situation must be considered individually.

Depending on the design, the extrusion lines are suitable for the entire spectrum of recyclable materials, from single-variety production waste to post-consumer waste. Concepts are also available for rubber recycling and chemical recycling. Successful projects include the processing of PC-ABS for interior components in the automotive sector, polyamide processing in the electrical appliance sector and the very challenging recycling of POM.


Do you have questions regarding recycling or an individual challenge?

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