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Recognize weak points at one glance! LinXX Pilot & Rheo - Your Software for Visualization

With the newly developed LinXX Pilot & Rheo you can professionally display and evaluate all important process data from the twin-screw extruder in no time at all.

Gain at-a-glance insights into the behavior of extensional and shear viscosity based on the measurement data from your extensional rheometer.

Evaluate data with LinXX Pilot & Rheo - user-friendly, simple and intuitive.

With the help of visualization, you can quickly and easily draw conclusions about any production fluctuations over a specific period of time. Your maintenance and repair intervals can be better controlled, but also batch or charge changes can be optimized


The Software allows you to

... display measurement data graphically in diagrams

... import extruder data without additional conversion

... export data to e.g. Excel or OpenOffice

... filter and compare measurement data

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