LINxx Customer Service Portal

The gateway to your machines - and our support

LinXX Customer Service Portal compactly explained

As the interface between you and us, the Service Portal is an important building block for a smooth production flow. 

On the one hand, you will find information about your extruders: modern dashboards provide an overview, clear detailed views provide necessary information about the status of your Leistritz equipment.

On the other hand, you will find a seamless connection to our support: maintenance plans can be easily implemented, spare parts can be ordered quickly and easily.

Save time

Thanks to the compact news feed, you can see at a glance how your extruders are doing. Machine messages are transmitted quickly, and problems are identified just as promptly. Important documents can be stored and assigned directly to the appropriate system.

Save money

We offer predictive maintenance: Thanks to clear maintenance plans, you reduce production downtime to a minimum. Our LinXX Customer Service automatically sends maintenance reminders and delivers customized maintenance concepts.

Save nerves

The LinXX CSP is your direct line to our support: In case of problems, you can contact us quickly and easily. On request, we can gain a precise insight into the error case and provide targeted assistance.

With LinXX CSP, we offer you 24/7 digital availability with the ability to obtain information and solve problems yourself.

All information about your Leistritz extruder(s)LinXX CSP as a gateway to the world of plants.

The LinXX Customer Service Portal is where it all comes together: As a digital twin, it bundles all figures, data, and facts about your Leistritz systems.
At a glance, from a single source.

  • Digital nameplate
  • Installation plans of your plant
  • Quick and easy retrieval of supplied documents
  • Insights into the condition of your equipment (both current and past)

Short distances to supportLinXX CSP as a gateway to us.

When needed, we see what you see: The LinXX CSP is designed so that you and our support are seamlessly connected and can work together.

  • Contact support directly, transmit current system status
  • Precise and fast solutions to support requests through the transmitted data
  • Easy identification of required spare parts: clear requests, fast delivery
  • Plant quality assurance: automatic maintenance reminders, maintenance plans provided
  • Documentation of the maintenance work performed, including details

We are at your service

Do you have any questions? Our contact persons are looking forward to your request and will be glad to help you.

Leistritz Extrusion Team

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