Leistritz extrusion lines as the key to foamed plastics

Foaming: Efficient manufacturing processes for unique properties

Foamed products have experienced impressive growth in recent decades. Their applications range from packaging and insulation to soundproofing and cushioning materials.

The benefits of these products are undeniable: they are characterized by low raw material consumption, low densities, outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation and energy absorption.

The process for manufacturing these products begins with the injection of a physical blowing agent into the polymer melt using a special dosing device. The blowing agent then dissolves in the polymer and the pressure is maintained throughout the extruder.
A rapid drop in pressure in the extrusion tool creates a homogeneous cell structure in the polymer, which is responsible for the characteristic properties of foamed products.

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... the majority of all extruded plastic corks worldwide are produced on our systems?

... we are leaders in the manufacture of extrusion lines on which flame-retardant EPS (expanded polystyrene) microgranulates are produced?

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Examples of areas of application for foam extrusion

  • Insulation & insulation
  • Packaging materials, also for food
  • Materials for transportation & shipping
  • Parts for the automotive industry & aviation
  • Wind power components
  • Edge protection profiles & new car protection
  • Ceiling moldings (imitation stucco) made of polystyrene
  • and much more.

When it has to be good: foaming with extruders from Leistritz

Our extruders are real all-rounders and adapt to your individual requirements.
We are at your side with our extensive process engineering expertise.

Advantages for your foamed products

Low raw material consumption


Low densities


Excellent thermal and sound insulation


Mechanical damping

Low/high water vapor permeability

Reduced moisture absorption or high absorbency

Advantages for your company: Extrusion lines from Leistritz

  • Many years of experience
  • Flexible and powerful extruders
  • Overall plant expertise
  • Process engineering know-how
  • Ready for the future: use of recycled materials or renewable raw materials
  • High throughput
  • Economical solutions

Foam extrusion in the application: Nomacorc success story

With its experience, Leistritz has contributed to integrating the fluctuating quality of plant-based raw materials into a stable process that reliably enables consistently high product quality.

Experience project - Bio-based wine corks

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