Leistritz keeps your extruder running

Our competent and experienced team attends you before, during and after your purchase. During the whole lifecycle of your line our technicians and sales staff are at your disposal either via phone or directly on site. Our aim is to keep your extruder running.

+49 (911) 4306 444 

You can reach us from Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 8 p.m., weekends 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. under the Leistritz Service Hotline

or via e-mail:

Spare parts

Global, quick and flexible

Our after-sales specialists support you professionally and competently in the selection of the relevant spare parts and take care of the quickest possible delivery. The barrels and screws are produced exclusively in the Leistritz plant in Germany. The quality of our original spare parts is thus very high, guaranteed by top quality materials and well-founded know-how.

Upon request we will gladly configurate a spare part package that is tailored to your extrusion line. Our highly motivated team of spare part specialists is looking forward to advise you.

What you gain from us is:

  • professional and competent advice
  • reliable and quick handling
  • original spare parts
  • spare part packages
  • worldwide delivery

Christian Keim

Head of Spare Parts Service
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH

Tel.: +49 911 4306-771

Preventive Maintenance

Be on the safe side!

Don't wait for a system standstill to check the condition of your plant! Machine parts that are in daily use are always exposed to wear and tear. Knowing the condition of your extruder is the best way to ensure long-term production. This can only be achieved by a regular preventive inspection of the plant by a Leistritz technician. In doing so, upcoming repairs will be detected early and unplanned, often costly, failures and damage can be avoided.

Get active and take advantage of a regular* preventive maintenance:

  • Reducing unplanned machine downtime to a minimum
  • Ensuring production
  • Improved efficiency of the production line
  • Reduction of spare parts inventory
  • Improved operational safety
  • Avoidance of consequential damage

*We recommend the first check up 8-10 months after commissioning, then annually.

Simone Nitsche

Service sales
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH

Repair Center

Quick and efficient repair of screw sets and processing units

The most common reason for decreasing product quality, reduced throughput or instable processes are wornoutscrews and barrels. If one of these cases occurs, there is need for swift action. Without timely repairs yourline can be severely damaged. And this results in unplanned, oftentimes tedious and expensive downtimes andproduction losses.

Therefore, be prepaired and make use of our internal repair service! Within the shortest time you will get aready-to-use, overhauled set of screws or barrels.

These are the benefits of our repair service:

  • bushing of inliners (liners)
  • wear measurement incl. detailed measurement report
  • quotation
  • cleaning of the cooling bores
  • exchange of worn-out screw element
  • crack testing
  • service rendered is calculated on the basis of the actual expenditure of work
  • *NEW* Service for disassembly of screw elements

Ramona Reichardt

Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH


For a save start

As your service partner we will accompany you all the way, starting with commissioning. Thus you will enjoy all advantages and the best performance of your extruder from day 1.

For a smooth and save start we offer you the following services:

  • establishing first contact when product is ready for dispatch
  • checklist for preparing commissioning
  • installation check-up
  • set-up of optimized system parameters
  • test run
  • commissioning certificate
  • practice-oriented instruction of machine operation

Bernd Niemann

Service manager
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH

Modernization/ Upgrade

New solutions for existing systems

Do you have an old system which you want to optimize in terms of technology? Or have your production conditions and thus also your machine requirements changed? We offer you a realistic estimate of the actual and target condition in order to subsequently show you a quick, economical and technically perfectly designed solution. We also carry out complete retrofits as required.

Machine retrofits are often accompanied by software changes and new electrical developments within the controls. We are happy to carry out these adaptations for you - appropriately and according to the scope.

We are available to you when dealing with bringing your extruder controls up to date. We recondition our MacromateXX Basic and Professional from Herkules-Resotec and Siemens and bring them back updated. Where necessary, we adapt your existing SPS and your PC panel or replace them.

Process engineering advice

Support from experts

As a pioneer in extrusion technology, Leistritz has developed a rich wealth of knowledge which our customers, above all, should benefit from. That's why just being a supplier of modern extruders and extruder systems is not enough for us. We want to advise you about the optimal applications in the individual areas of application - in terms of process and electrical engineering.

Along with initial diagnosis and help finding a solution over the phone, our process engineers and electrical engineers support you with any questions about the optimization of your extrusion systems with regard to quality and output capacity. In addition, our effective expert team, including a top-class network of partners, also helps you with difficult processing tasks.


Plastics and pharmaceutical lab facilities

If you want to put our extruders to the test with your materials, then you're in the right place at our lab facilities in Nuremberg, Somerville (USA) or Taicang (China). Here, you can perform project-specific trials under real production conditions. Our extrusion systems are designed in a modular and flexible way so that not only the machine set-up itself but also the screw geometries and barrel set-ups can quickly be adjusted if necessary.

You benefit not only from our machinery but also, above all, from our engineers' many years of experience which they apply to providing you with comprehensive guidance and advice during your project. Alongside the three lab facilities for the plastics industry, there are also labs available in Nuremberg and Somerville for trials in the pharmaceutical industry. Worldwide, we have excellent facilities which you can use for your individual tests.

In our lab facilities, you can work, among others, with:

  • NANO 16, ZSE 18 HP-PH, ZSE 18 HP - ZSE 50 HP, ZSE 18 MAXX - ZSE 50 MAXX
  • all standard pelletizing and metering systems, even downstream shaping systems in lab scale and, to some extent, even in production scale
  • analysis options with the Batchtester 20 (pressure filter measuring device) and more

Schulungen / Trainings

Machen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter fit

Durchsatz- und Qualitätsoptimum – die Grundlage dafür ist gut geschultes Bedienpersonal, das in jeder Situation das Beste aus Ihrem Extruder oder Ihrer Extrusionsanlage herausholt.

Fit durch Wissen - Gerne geben unsere Experten Ihr Wissen rund um die Extrusion, die Bedienung des Extruders und aus dem Bereich Verfahrenstechnik an Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter weiter.

Die Leistungen des Schulungs-Centers im Überblick:

  • verschiedene, aufeinander aufbauende Schulungsmodule
  • individuell auf Ihre Anforderungen zugeschnittene Trainingssessions
  • Schulungen bei Leistritz oder in-House
  • Leistritz Extrusion Academy BASIC, PRO und PHARMA

Takuya Shikada

Tel.: +49 911 4306 174