Direct extrusion with twin screw extruders from Leistritz

Direct extrusion with Leistritz know-how and our extruders...

...saves time.

The process significantly shortens production time by eliminating unnecessary intermediate steps.

Direct extrusion or inline compounding makes it possible to manufacture extrusion products particularly economically by combining various process steps.

It is extremely advantageous if this eliminates the intermediate step of granulate production.


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Your adaptability increases thanks to the flexibility in adapting recipes, as you are not dependent on a supplier's compound. This allows you to significantly eincrease your added value, react more quickly to market requirements and optimize your products promptly without losing valuable time.

…saves money.

With direct extrusion, the material is processed much more gently, as the polymer is only subjected to temperature and shear stress once. This not only saves energy, but also costs, as entire process steps such as pelletizing are eliminated.

…saves nerves.

Your formulation know-how remains safely in-house, which guarantees confidentiality and the protection of your trade secrets. The smaller footprint ensures space-saving production. The logistical effort is considerably reduced by direct extrusion.

Advantages of direct extrusion

  • Gentler processing: The product is only subjected to temperature and shearing once.

  • More economical production: entire process steps are saved.

  • Investment costs are significantly reduced as the granulation step is eliminated.

  • Recipes can be changed and adjusted more flexibly.

  • Up to 40 % energy savings possible.

  • Reduced environmental impact due to fewer processing steps.



High-quality packaging: Film extrusion with Leistitz

From food-safe films to drinking and yoghurt cups - direct extrusion opens up a wide range of possibilities. Whether you use recyclate or virgin material, our twin-screw extruders are the key to producing first-class films.

Whether for packaging applications, technical applications or specialty products, we offer the flexibility you need.

Our twin-screw extruders are the perfect choice for the production of all types of packaging films, such as vacuum packaging for food.

Learn more about

Film Extrusion

A well-rounded solution:
Pipe extrusion with Leistritz

In pipe extrusion, the melt is formed into a pipe directly after leaving the die - without any detours or delays.

Our technology makes it possible to precisely feed the required components, such as polymer, impact modifiers, colour pigments or chalk, and to homogenize the melt in the extruder. At the same time, volatile components are safely removed using our state-of-the-art degassing system.

Quality is our top priority. The melt pump feeds the melt to the screen changer, where it is continuously filtered to ensure a flawless pipe surface and the purity of the product. Pure polymer is processed in the co-extruder, turning the melt into a fine and smooth outer layer film around the pipe.


Extrusion of inner pipe layers

Long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics: LFT-D extrusion with Leistritz

Long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFT-D) are a versatile class of materials with a number of advantages. They are lighter than conventional materials such as steel or aluminum, cheaper to produce and can be manufactured in complex shapes.

LFT components also offer a number of technical advantages. They are very stable and resistant and can therefore dampen vibrations and reduce noise. This makes them ideal for applications where safety and efficiency are important.

One application for LFT-D is the production of high voltage battery pack housings for electric vehicles. For this purpose, a glass fiber granulate is melted in a twin-screw extruder and fed into a press with pre-loaded rods. The resulting sheet is then formed into a container and cured.

The manufacturing process is relatively simple and inexpensive. This makes LFT-D an attractive option not only for the production of thermoplastic battery housings for electric vehicles.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solution for the production of LFT-D components, then our twin-screw extruders are the perfect choice for you!


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