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LinXX HMI briefly explained

The LinXX HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) from Leistritz offers a compact overview of your processes and products. The intuitive operating concept provides an overview of the entire extrusion line. The dashboard can be individually configured to display only the really relevant information.

Our vision: A guaranteed availability of your plant of at least 95%.

We relieve users..

... with modern software

Thanks to the direct online connection to Leistritz Service for maintenance and spare parts, you save valuable time.

Industry 4.0 is provided future-proof and expandable through the OPC-UA interface and web-based control technology. The HMI is modular and designed as part of the LinXX family.

...and thus increase efficiency.

LinXX HMI offers clear advantages for operators, shift supervisors and commissioning engineers. Simple monitoring and intuitive use make daily work easier.
Predictive maintenance minimizes downtimes.
The result: more efficient processes and more success for your company.

Your advantages: LinXX HMI

  • Individual process view for a quick overview
  • Trends for process monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Clear and understandable messages
  • Easy handling due to optimal usability
  • Smart Sensors for productivity
  • Maintenance management via the LinXX Customer Service Portal
  • Modern interfaces (e.g. OPC-UA)

Overview for every user: 
Different information depths

Fact is: Lots of information is the be-all and end-all for a smooth process.

But the fact is also: Sometimes a lot of information means that clarity suffers. And with it, efficiency.

To ease the burden on users, we have therefore deliberately provided LinXX HMI with different levels of information.
The process view is the perfect companion for high altitudes: There, the user can find all the information he needs to keep an eye on the process flow. If he has any questions or problems, he can dive straight into the detailed view.

When it comes to overview: Process view

The process view provides a quick overview of the status of all aggregates in production. Clear and precise information helps to work efficiently and to react quickly to possible malfunctions. This increases productivity and minimizes downtime. At the same time, it provides user-friendly step-by-step instructions that enable even inexperienced users to start up the plant in the correct sequence.

When it comes to subtleties: Detail view

In the detailed view, detailed information on each aggregate can be retrieved without being overloaded with unnecessary details.
The clear presentation of relevant data supports efficient work and targeted measures when required.
Good for the process, good for production.

Trend charts instead of data deserts:

Instead of searching long...
...recognize trends quickly

Detect parameter changes more easily - without relying on numbers.

...find errors quickly

In case of warnings or errors, various parameters can be shown or hidden to identify the possible reasons.

...take action quickly

In the event of a sudden decline in product quality, the trend helps to take appropriate action.

...clearly recognize interactions

When parameters are adjusted, the trend enables interactions with other values to be identified. This is important to better understand the interaction of the parameters and to improve the efficiency of the processes.

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