Premium materials for optimum performance. Intelligent machine and plant control system. Powerful drive. High energy efficiency. Compact design. With the ZSE 60 iMAXX, we have taken machine and process technology further.

Sophisticated down to the last detail as standard.

Especially with regard to cleanability and easy handling, this „i“ntegrated twin screw extruder convinces. The ZSE 60 iMAXX
is therefore ideal for masterbatch production and compounding tasks: Product changes can be carried out quickly and
with little effort. Also included: All the advantages of the iMAXX series: Flexibility. Modularity. A high specific torque of
up to 15.0 Nm/cm³ in combination with a high free volume (Da/Di = 1.66). This makes it one of the world‘s most powerful
co-rotating twin-screw extruders.


  • Torque (up to 15 Nm/cm³)
  • Volume (Da/Di = 1.66)


Proven ZSE MAXX technology:

Da/Di = 1.66 Torque density = 15 Nm/cm³


Powerful & energy-efficient synchronous motor


New intelligent control technology LinXX


Barrel insulation for maximum energy efficiency


Durable stainless steel piping


Integrated 2-circuit temperature control unit

Further features of the ZSE 60 iMAXX:

Die head LSA XX*/**:
Only 3 handgrips for easy & safe handling

  • For fast cleaning & quick product changes
  • Removable screen & die plates

Premium materials: For optimal performance

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel piping
  • Screws, shafts and cylinders in corrosion and abrasion-resistant design*
  • Long service life, even for extreme demands

Closed cover: More safety, easier cleaning*

  • Closed cover over the entire drive unit and process part
  • Protection against contact and contamination
  • Higher cost-effectiveness with frequent product changes: Reduced downtimes, high time savings

Smart online gear control sensors*:
Minimized maintenance costs

  • Oil level monitoring signals automatic undercutting of the minimum level
  • Oil condition sensor assesses actual state and shows actual oil wear


*Optional additional equipment
**Available up to size 40

Technical dataZSE 60 iMAXX

Screw diameter (mm)61,6
Flight depth (mm, without tolerance)12,2
maXXstandard torque (Nm)2.625
maXXtorque torque (Nm)3.750
Screw length36 D - 48 D
Screw speed (rpm/min)600, 1.200
Motor power (kW, max.)498
Weight (kg)~ 5.000

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the specifications provided. The specified values depend on the used material type and its consistence as well as on the environmental variables (temperature, humidity etc.) and further factors. Weight and dimensions depend on the processing length (length provided in mm) among other things. If you inform us of your individual demands, we will gladly make a binding offer.

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