Plastics processing

Compounding is a showcase discipline for the Leistritz twin screw extruder. A wide variety of options for incorporating fillers and reinforcing materials into the polymer matrix are possible and lead to new material properties which are used in a multitude of applications.

Extruders or complete production lines

We offer you YOUR tailor-made solution, regardless of what compounding challenges you have for us.

  • reinforcement of polymers, e.g. through the incorporation of fibers (glass, carbon or natural fibers)
  • modification of the impact strength of thermoplastics, e.g. by blending with rubber components
  • improvement of the dimensional stability and breaking resistance of polymers, e.g. by the incorporation of inorganic fillers, glass beads


More information about the ZSE MAXX-Series

  • enhancement of the flow and flame retardant properties of polymers, e.g. through the incorporation of low-viscosity substances or flame retardants
  • production of polymer blends, e.g. through the mixing of compatible and incompatible polymers
  • improvement of the chemical/physical durability of polymers, e.g. through the incorporation of stabilizers, static inhibitors

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