Textured Vegetable Proteins

Looks like meat - tastes like meat -      but it's plant based

When you select Leistritz, you’re not only choosing a mechanical engineering company but also our people. Your solutions reflect our in-depth expertise and passion. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, technicians, service specialists and expert teams have just one goal:

To develop the best solutions for you. Worldwide.

MAXXimum success for your product



Maximum flexibility through high modularity of the machine

Wet- (HMMA) and dry-extruded (LMMA) products can both be produced on the same system

Maximum hygiene through selected materials of our equipment

The system can be cleaned easily and without leaving residue according to common procedures in the food industry

Maximum-effective support from highly qualified process experts

Support for process development, scale-up and other procedural challenges



Extrusion equipment for TVP production

 ZSE 12ZSE 18ZSE 27ZSE 35ZSE 50ZSE 60
ApplicationProcess evaluationProcess evaluationLaboratory and/ or  productionLaboratory and/ or  productionProductionProduction
Special feature Saving materialSaving material

First sample of

First sample of productionManufacture in production scaleManufacture in production scale





200- 1500 g



3- 10 kg/h

up to 20 kg/h


10-25 kg/h

up to 60 kg/h


20-50 kg/h

up to 110 kg/h


up to 200 kg/h

up to 500 kg/h


up to 500 kg/h

up to 800 kg/h

Available features

Cooling die

Cooling die and hot cut off

Cooling die and hot cut offCooling die and hot cut offCooling die and hot cut offCooling die and hot cut off

*further information on throughputs and machine sizes on request



Our Service

  • 360° expert view of our systems and your applications
  • High quality laboratory including a cleaning room with tailor-made equipment for your product
  • Global testing facilities in our laboratories in Singapore, Germany and the USA
  • Expertise in wet and dry textures (HMMA/LMMA)

Rely on our expertise on questions related to your process:

  • Which dosing quantitiy is right for my product?
  • What are the optimal process parameters for my product?
  • Which screw configuration is best for my products?
  • What kind of succession is there for my product?
  • How can I meassure the quality while the process is running?

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Our teams - your performance partner

We develop, plan and implement global solutions at eye level for well-known customers. For over 50 years we have seen ourselves as performance partner for our customers and therefore have deepest know-how in all areas.

  • Many years of experience in the food sector
  • Customized solutions for your product
  • Development support by our Leistritz Family
  • On-site support
  • Guaranteed project support after purchase for at least 24 months

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We build innovative solutions

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Albrecht Huber

Head of Pharma & Life Science Extrusion