Leistritz Elongational Rheometer 

Shear- and elongational viscosity combined

In order to constantly monitor the melt quality the decisive parameters have to be measured during the process. So far only single points could be checked along the viscosity curve by means of online measurements (without melt flowing back into the process).

With the Leistritz elongational rheometer you have more options: First of all, it is the first Inline-Rheometer ever (with melt flowing back into the process), which combines measuring shear and elongational viscosity!


Leistritz Online Elongational Rheometer

Integrated control design

Leistritz Elongational Rheometer

Shear and elongational viscosity combined

In order to be able to constantly assess the melt quality, the decisive key data must be determined during the process. Up to now, only individual points of the viscosity curve could be determined on the basis of online measurements (i.e. measurements during the process, without melt recirculation).

With the Leistritz extensional rheometer more is possible: It is the first inline rheometer (during the process, with melt feedback) that combines the measurement of shear and extensional viscosity!

Learn more about the Leistritz extensional rheometer. Detailed information, case studies and guides can be found at rheometer.online

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