Sustainability. Step by Clever Step.

Plastics Recycling Innovation with First-in-Class Extrusion.

Bringing Recycling to Design@Home.

The special Leistritz extrusion solution makes it happen: recycling comes to flooring with new materials. And brings a revolutionary, cost-cutting innovation to the market.

No Chlorine. No PVC. No Plasticisers

The flooring product is 100% chlorine-fee and contains zero dangerous substances. Safe for baby feet. Based on alternative plastics, processed with Leistritz extrusion technology and perfected in a product with convincing funtional strengths. 

Fully Recyclable

The materials processed in this designer flooring is fully recyclable. 100%. Sustainability was designed into the product from the start - and to the end of its lifespan. Plus: it offers full comfort and convenience, is easy to clean

Extrusion is the Solution

This design flooring was developed using a new mineral-based material. The special Leistritz extrusion process makes it possible to manufacture this high-grade final product in series and in convincing ecological quality. Design meets sustainability. Step by clever step. 

And How?

We cannot reveal that much, but can say this: With our extrusion solution, process material consumption is considerably reduced, waste minimised and costs slashed. Most importantly: It works.

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