TWIN SCREW Newsletter

June 12-13, 2019 - It’s a “hands-on” seminar, not a conference!

Special emphasis on melt extrusion, multi-functional devices and nutritional products

Leistritz will host the annual Pharmaceutical-Nutraceutical Extrusion Seminar on June 12-13, 2019. This "hands-on" seminar starts with the basics and explains why twin screw extrusion is a preferred manufacturing method to manufacture consistent, repeatable products.

In addition to Leistritz staff, outside experts from industry and academia will contribute to the program. Outside speakers will include:

  • Dr. Jason Baird, Davis Standard
  • Bob Bessemer, Novatec
  • Dr. John Perdikoulius, Compuplast
  • Keith Donahue, Zumbach Electronics
  • Dr. Nicolas Ioannidis, Polymer Processing Institute
  • Sharon Nowak, Coperion K-Tron
  • Dr. Philippe David, SCC/Ludovic
  • Pete Palmer, Wolock and Lott
  • Others to be added

Some of the topics will include:

  • Twin screw extrusion theory and design
  • Computer modelling: screw and die design
  • Comparison of co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extruder technologies
  • How to specify, stage, disassemble, clean, reassemble and design screws
  • Downstream systems: pelletizing, tubes, filaments, films, molding, foamed, co-extruded parts and unique shape extrusion
  • Die design, rheological characterization and computer modelling
  • Single screw extrusion theory and designUpstream equipment designs for feeding, material handling and containment
  • Staging of unit operations in an extrusion system to facilitate a continuous process
  • Scale-up of the extrusion process - R&D, pilot scale and production
  • Cleaning and maintenance of extrusion equipment in a cGMP environment
  • Equipment and process validation practices and documentation
  • Advantages of continuous extrusion as compared to batch processes
  • Mixing techniques for poorly soluble and heat/shear sensitive API's
  • New emerging extrusion technologies, i.e. supercritical foaming and co-extrusion

For an example of the interactive screw assembly demonstration see this LINK

Co-rotating and counterrotating twin screw extruder technologies integrated into the seminar

ZSE-18 3D filament system to be demonstrated

"Hands-on" demonstrations at Leistritz process laboratory will include:

  • nano-16 twin screw extrusion system processing 50 gram batch samples
  • Film/lamination extrusion system for transdermal and dissolvable film applications
  • Foaming of an extrudate via sCO2 injection
  • Hot-face cutting of nutritional products
  • 3D filament and tube extrusion
  • Multi-layer coextrusion

A hot face pelletization demo is integrated into the program

Example of dissolvable film/transdermal system that will be demonstrated at the seminar

Where: Classroom sessions are at the Holiday Inn Select in Clinton, NJ USA and demonstrations at the nearby Leistritz Process Laboratory.

Price: Early registration, by May 14, 2019, is $820; after this date cost is $920.

Handout materials: In addition to copies of the presentations each attendee will receive a        copy of the textbook Pharmaceutical Extrusion Technology, 2nd Edition.

To request a detailed agenda or to register contact May Zaw at 908/685-2333 x614 or e-mail


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