If you not only want to have the process section checked, but rather need a comprehensive inspection of the entire system, then you are in the right place at CheckUp PROFESSIONAL. As part of this maintenance offer, our experienced technicians put your extrusion line through its paces.


  • Wear measurement of screws and barrels
  • Gear oil analysis
  • Inspection of the vacuum pump
  • Inspection of the drive train (including gear oil analysis, vibration measurement, checking the gland packing)
  • Checking the temperature control (including taking a water sample)
  • Checking the dosing system
  • Inspection of the safety shutdowns and the entire emergency stop function
  • Detailed evaluation and discussion of the results on site


  • Detailed analysis of the plant condition
  • Evaluation of the measurement results
  • Trend analysis of screw and barrel wear
  • Optimization recommendations directly from the technician on site
  • Quote for elements or barrels to be replaced

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