Preventive Maintenance

Be on the safe side!

Don't wait for a system standstill to check the condition of your plant! Machine parts that are in daily use are always exposed to wear and tear. Knowing the condition of your extruder is the best way to ensure long-term production. This can only be achieved by a regular preventive inspection of the plant by a Leistritz technician. In doing so, upcoming repairs will be detected early and unplanned, often costly, failures and damage can be avoided.

Get active and take advantage of a regular* preventive maintenance:

  • Reducing unplanned machine downtime to a minimum
  • Ensuring production
  • Improved efficiency of the production line
  • Reduction of spare parts inventory
  • Improved operational safety
  • Avoidance of consequential damage

*We recommend the first check up 8-10 months after commissioning, then annually.

You can find more information on our maintenance models here:

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