Hot melt extrusion

Continuous extrusion process for pharmaceutical masses

Mixing, homogenizing and sometimes even degassing pharmaceutical masses - this is the main job of the co-rotating twin screw extruder. The individual ingredients in a formulation in a solid, liquid or gaseous form are precisely fed into the process using a gravimetric feeder system. Carrier and auxiliary substances, as well as active ingredients can thus be added in at the various points of the processing unit in exact proportions.

In hot melt extrusion, the fluid state is reached by melting the carrier material above its glass transition point during the process. The extrudate is solidified by being cooled after being discharged from the extruder. Various types of PVP, methylacrylates or cellulose-based carrier materials, among others, can be used as pharmaceutical polymers.

Advantages at a glance:

  • improvement of solubility
  • flavor masking
  • retarded release
  • robustness of the formulation in respect to the processing methods
  • low use of auxiliary materials
  • production efficiency

Typical extruder sizes

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