Pioneer in pharmaceutical extrusion

Although extrusion technology was already well understood in plastics processing by the middle of the 80s, it was still in its infancy in the pharmaceutical industry. By now, this has changed significantly because the continuous extrusion process has become a very interesting alternative to traditional manufacturing processes

for pellets, tablets and transdermal systems.

Leistritz Extrusion Technology is a technological leader in this field. For more than two decades, we have supplied extruders to the pharmaceutical industry and thus have very extensive know-how.

The extrusion process is suitable for:

  • incorporation of an API into a matrix (e.g. wax, cellulose, starch and other polymers)
  • pelletizing a tablet premix
  • compounding an antibacterial TPU premix
  • stripping off volatile content from a formulation
  • coatings for transdermal applications
  • implementation of various dosage forms
  • reactive extrusion
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