Innovative Technologies for Sustainability

Recycling Plant for PET Waste.
From Waste to Value.


Recycling Plant for Plastic Waste. Upgrading  to Valuable New Material.

As a manufacturer of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and packaging your quality strategy is a no compromise standard: production processes must excel in hygienic standards, run cost-efficiently and safely.

This benchmark project opens up new perspectives on premium materials that will shape our future. Even and especially using recycled material.

The Highlights

  • End product: food standard multilayer and stripe foil from 100% recycling material
  • Upgrading PET recycling material with unstable input quality to 100% food standard conformity
  • Production of granulate and foils in the same line
  • Compact design, reduced space footprint, cost reduction
  • Independence from third party suppliers: autonomous, stand-alone solution
  • Inline quality control fulfills premium customer specifications in the end product (IV-value > 0,8)
  • Superior cleaning capabilities

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Innovating for Future.

From Waste to Value.

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Innovation: Recycling Designer Flooring.

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Designer Flooring

Leistritz Extrusion Solutions

Performance Parameters at a Glance


300 – 1.200 kg/h


up to 15,0 Nm/cm³


Da/Di = 1,66


IV value > 0,8

Recycling of PET bottle material and secondary raw materials

Flexible production line for efficient processing or recycling material in a twin screw extruder setup:

1. Material feed   2. Gentle shredding
3. Plastification      4. Degassing / devolatising
5. Filtration        6. Melt pump
7. Switch   8. Vacuum unit (melt reactor)
9. Horizontal drum  10. Discharge of contaminants
11. Melt discharge pump12. Filtration
13. Continuous viscosity measurement 14. Transfer to end product finishing

Benchmark Benefits

Move ahead to your next performance level with our extrusion technology and expertise. The Leistritz MaXX extruder series is your answer to delivering the performance you need, when you need it. Scaled and optimised for the formulation at hand. Flexibly, easily. You can count on the inspiration and process expertise of our engineers.

High specific torque (up to 15,0 Nm/cm³) delivers high output at reduced energy consumption in the ZSE MAXX twin screw extruder

Better conservation of PET's material properties, less hydrolitic degradation.

Premium quality homogenisation of the melt at low energy levels.

Gentle material handling.

Rapid melting of the polymer prevents degradation of the polymer matrix.

Higher colume in the screw empowers better degassing / devolatilisation performance, even with identical process parameters such as torque and throughput.

Optimised for 100% food standard. Consistently high quality level in the end product thanks to controllable, stable IV parameters. No clouding. high clarity and purity in the foil output.

Tried and tested process reliability and significantly reduced energy consumption leads to better cost-effectiveness und productivity.

Discover our Extrusion Highlights

ZSE MaXX: twin screw extruder ZSE 87 and 60 MaXX

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Leistritz Theometer: Inline quality control with real-time measurement of shear and elongational viscosity

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Good Reasons for Leistritz Extrusion Solutions

Premium Performance

You can count on optimised output and streamlined performance in achieving superior product qualities.

Simple Scaling

You can rely on technology that copes easily with the complexity of your specifications, changing formulations and the need to scale performance.

Superb Service

The machine is robust and reliable. What's inspiring is our on-your-doorstep service that keeps production running smoothly. First time, every time.

The Formula One Performance ClassLeistritz MaXX Twin Screw Extruder

High performance

The top level specific torque of up to 15,0 Nm/cm³ has established this extruder line as one of the strongest performers on the market.

High ouput
Da/Di ratio of 1,66 ensures higher volume in the screw, empowering better degassing / devolatilisation performance, even when parameters such as torque and throuput remain the same.

Leistritz MaXX Extruder

Game Changing InnovationLeistritz Rheometer

Shear and Elongational Viscosity measured in Real Time

Das maßgebliche Messsystem zur perfekten Qualitätssicherung. Das Gerät misst Scher- und Dehnviskosität im Prozess - ohne Zeit- und Produktverluste. Ihr Vorteil: Einfache Anpassung von Parametern für eine 100%ige Produktqualität in Serie.

Leistritz Dehnrheometer

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